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Free Icon day numero ONE! :3 DONE!

Thanks guys!


I didn't really expect such an awesome turnout! Please continue to donate, this is going to take me a few days to get done! I've got over 100 of ya'll to do! :3 I'll post a journal with all of them once I finish. I'll be sure to open another Free Icon day soon!!!

You read that right, guys. I've decided to do a free icon day!

PLEASE leave a reference of your character or pet, what facial expression you'd like and if you donated! :3

I will reply to your post with your icon once it is finished! :3

There are a few rules that I'd like followed though.

1: I will not do copy-written characters such as pokemon, disney, etc

2. I don't draw people, so please take that into account!

3. I have donation mile markers!

4. If you cannot donate, that's okay! You still get an icon! (it wouldn't be free icon day otherwise? now would it?!)

5. You gotta pimp this out! Twitter, FA, Livejournal, Inkbunny, Facebook, whatever! :3 Pimp this thing out! I would love to get a lot of people doing this! :3


Of course I will be accepting Donations for these! I even have mile markers here!

$25 - I'll add basic flat colors to all icons! FLAT COLORS YA'LL! :3

$50 - Shading! :3 SHADING! :3

$100- Donators will get two icons! Two Icons for DONATORS! :3

$150- You guys get to pick what I animal I get to draw for a large sketch to post up on FA. HOLY CRAP. >.>;

$200- Donators will get two icons and a sketch! :O

$300- yeah I doubt this, but we'll see. :> If it gets THIS far I'll ink those sketches and flat color them for the donators. I mean it. :)

Donation button! :3

Tags: art, donation!, free, free icon day, icon

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